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Automated appointment reminder systems for patients or customers saves you time and money.

RemindMe is an easy-to-use, automated reminder system that places calls to your patients or customers. Appointment data is retrieved from your scheduling system and is securely transmitted to Talksoft for processing. Talksoft RemindMe supports voice calls, email, text messaging, as well as mobile App, allowing you to communicate with your patients or customers the way they prefer.

Interested? Contact us for a quote or to start your risk-free trial with an automated appointment reminder system. Want to know more? Continue reading.

Benefits of Talksoft Automated Appointment Reminder Systems

  • Reduces missed appointments by an average of 30%, thereby increasing your practice or business revenue.
  • Risk-Free - If you are not completely satisfied with the service at any time, you pay only for your usage, with no cancellation fee. But we're confident you'll want to stay with us!
  • Integrated phone, email, text, and mobile app messaging - The very latest way to reach as many patients or customers as possible.
  • There's no computer equipment to buy and no complicated software to master.
  • We customize and install the automated appointment reminder systems for you. Installs in approximately 30-60 minutes. You could be up and running within 24 hours.
  • Option to forward a call to your office, enabling you to address patient issues when they occur.
  • Advanced call progress and background noise suppression means that messages are delivered at the right moment, at the right volume, and with crystal clear sound.
  • Integrates with your scheduling system - There is no need to learn new software.
  • Calls are presented with your business's caller ID number - your clients will see and recognize your calls.
  • Acts like an extra employee that is dedicated to reminding patients or clients, rather than using staff for this repetitive task.
  • Customizable - Allows you to choose which patients or customers to call, which messages to use, at your preferred call date and time.
  • Get appointment confirmations or reschedule requests from your patients or customers when they're called.
  • Personal - Your patients or clients will hear your customized message in your voice. Here is a sample.
  • Low monthly subscription fee with no contract commitment.
  • We operate and monitor the system 24/7, so there is no need for you to worry about or maintain complex software or equipment. We'll contact you if something is amiss.
  • The subscription fee is based on your usage so even the smallest offices can benefit.
  • There are no hidden charges. Period.
  • Our software and all upgrades are free-of-charge.
  • Customer support is free-of-charge.
  • Secure, on-line tracking of calls made is available on our website at any time.

Want Pricing? Ready to give it a try?

What will be my return on investment with RemindMe?

RemindMe saves money whether or not you currently have staff manually making the calls. It doesn't matter how big or small your office is because the monthly fee is based on the number of calls that are made, which is directly related to the number of patients you see. RemindMe can save your practice or business time and money regardless of its size! Calculate your office's potential ROI.

Using RemindMe can reduce your no-show rate by an average of 30%.

Here is an illustration of your potential return on investment for an office that is not already making reminder calls:

# Patients / Month Monthly Cost Estimated Monthly Increased Revenue
500 $100 $1,637
1,000 $195 $3,274
3,000 $525 $9,822

Automated Appointment Reminder Systems Cost Analysis:

With 500 scheduled patients/month, an office would have approximately 90 no-shows/month (500 patients x 18%* no-show rate). Using an average office visit fee of $60.63, this works out to $5,456/month or $65,480/year in missed revenue. With a conservative estimate that RemindMe can improve the no-show rate by 30%, your practice would save $1,636/month or $19,641/year.

Use a similar calculation for your business as it applies. For example, if you can expect to yield a 20% increase in orders by calling repeat clients about a $15 item, it follows that calling 3,000 clients would yield a $9,000 increase in sales. Our service would cost $525 per month at this volume.

Bottom line:

Reminding your patients or clients with RemindMe would save the average office approximately $1,637 per month (up to $19,644 annually) at a cost of about $100 per month!

The larger your office, the greater your return on investment. Using the same formula, an office that sees 1,000 patients or customers /month would increase revenue by approximately $39,288 annually, at a cost of only $195/month.

Alternatively, here is how much you're spending if you're making all your reminder calls manually:

Hours Spent / Day Making Calls Estimated Monthly Expenditure
2 $506
4 $1,012
8 $2,024


If your office staff spends 2 hours /day making reminder calls at a rate of $12.64/hour, this costs you $506/month or $6,072/year. Similarly, 4 hours/day costs you $1,012 and 8 hours/day costs $2,024.

* The national average no-show rate across medical and dental practices is 18%.
(Sources: MGMA, AMA and ADA annual surveys, Medical Economics)

My staff already makes reminder calls.

That's great! But do you know what their time costs you each day, each month, each year? Do they keep trying lines that are busy or when no one answers? Do they consistently make the calls each and every day? Talksoft attempts calls three times a day by default.

Close to 75% of all calls in the U.S. go to either voice mail or to answering machines. A personal message in your own voice left with each patient or client by RemindMe saves your staff the time (and your business or practice the money) it takes to make daily reminder calls.

Call Talksoft today at (866) 966-4700 or email to find out more about how our automated patient or customer appointment reminder call service can save you time and money.

Automated Appointment Reminder Systems: RemindMe from Talksoft

Sample Messages

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