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Unified Messaging Systems with Talksoft

For fully unified messaging systems, partner with one of the reminder call service pioneers to expand your range of product offerings.

In a relatively short period of time, your company can add messaging capabilities that would normally take years to develop if you were to do this on your own. For EHR vendors, Talksoft's messaging capabilities, when interfaced with your solution, can help you assure prospective clients that your software will continue to meet the upcoming government Meaningful Use guidelines that relate to patient reminders.

Advanced Messaging Features Using Our API

Talksoft's interfacing capabilities allow for easy integration with all scheduling, practice management, and electronic medical records systems. Using our API, Talksoft's services can operate as an embedded element of your own application.

Integrated Messaging Partners Since 2000

Since 2000, Talksoft's focus has been on offering the most advanced communication platform on the market. Such development has evolved over the years to where customers now have complete control over how they communicate with their clients whether this be by phone, text, or email. Messaging can be incorporated into multiple areas of your product such as scheduling, billing, and client management.

Talksoft's unique approach uses 'adapters' to create seamless customer interfaces with your software. All that is needed is that your software be able to export necessary data.

Provide Unified Messaging Systems Through Partnership

Becoming a software partner is a great way to create a new revenue stream and this can be done with minimal effort on your part. To find out more, download our software partner program information.

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