Engage your patients with interactive phone, text, email, and mobile app messaging.

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Talksoft's messaging platform allows healthcare systems to orchestrate improvements in their patients' health outcomes.

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Talksoft rated KLAS Category Leader for Patient Outreach in the 2017 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report

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A complete cycle of patient engagement services.


Automated appointment reminders integrate with your scheduling system.

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Quickly distribute messages for emergency closures and important announcements.

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Notify patients when a balance is due.

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Bring patients back when it's time to schedule an appointment.

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Meet Meaningful Use Requirements for preventative/follow up care reminders.

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Benchmark and improve your practice with patient feedback.

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Efficiently communicate lab results to patients.

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Experience a Phone Message

  • Automated appointment reminders use two-way, interfacing technology.
  • Messages can be specific to provider, location, and appointment types.
  • Personalized Caller ID lets patients recognize your calls.
  • High-quality calls are delivered via PRI-based communication as opposed to VOIP.

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Experience a Text Message

  • Advanced technology senses if the phone number is textable.
  • HIPAA-secure, concise message can be sent to your patients.
  • Delivery confirmation is provided, and patients can respond.

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Experience an Email Message

  • Build your brand with emails that include your logo and color scheme.
  • Include a link to your system's patient portal, encouraging them to use it.
  • Confirm and reschedule buttons result in high patient response rate.
  • Unlimited space allows you to include patient instructions.

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Experience Our Free Mobile App

  • Free mobile app for your patients displays appointment details, alerts, and directions.
  • Patient response rate is 35% higher on the mobile app than phone-only reminders.
  • Customize the look, feel, and functionality of the app for your office.

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Integrated Messaging Partners

Talksoft partners with leading software companies to create deep integration and to facilitate efficiency.

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