RemindMe (Automated Appointment Reminders)

Automated Appointment Reminder Systems Benefits

Our automated appointment reminders are Talksoft’s flagship service. RemindMe is proven to reduce no-shows and engage your patients. We've found, through data analytics, the most effective means of engaging patients, and we provide this to you as part of our service.

Appointment Reminders - How It Works

Appointment Reminders Diagram

Talksoft's RemindMe appointment reminder service easily integrates with most scheduling systems, including these valued partners.

Key Benefits of Talksoft Automated Appointment Reminder Service

  • Effective - Our appointment reminders are proven to reduce missed appointments and no shows.
  • Interactive - RemindMe Premium gives you phone, text, email, and mobile app messages as a single, interactive platform. Choose any or all modes of communication. Patients can confirm or request a reschedule with the results shown in your scheduling system.
  • Customized -Your Caller ID is displayed, and messages can be specific with provider name, location of appointment, and pre-appointment instructions based on appointment type.
  • Transparent - We know you'll love our service - and we back up this confidence with no cancellation fees and free customer support.
  • Dependable - Talksoft calls are made on digital PRI lines in co-located facilities to ensure superior vocal clarity.
  • Secure - Messages are secure and HITECH and HIPAA guidelines are met.
  • Intelligent - Talksoft employs a proprietary multi-modal reminder algorithm to automate patient engagement. We send phone, text, email, and mobile app reminders in any order you choose. If a recipient actively responds to a reminder, all future reminders are suppressed.

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