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Automated Appointment Reminder Systems Benefits

Our automated appointment reminders are Talksoft’s flagship service. RemindMe is proven to reduce no-shows and engage your patients. We've found, through data analytics, the most effective means of engaging patients, and we provide this to you as part of our service.

Appointment Reminders - How It Works

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Talksoft's RemindMe appointment reminder service easily integrates with most scheduling systems, including these valued partners.

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Key Benefits of Talksoft Automated Appointment Reminder Service

  • Effective - Our appointment reminders are proven to reduce missed appointments and no shows.
  • Interactive - RemindMe Premium gives you phone, text, email, and mobile app messages as a single, interactive platform. Choose any or all modes of communication. Patients can confirm or request a reschedule with the results shown in your scheduling system.
  • Customized -Your Caller ID is displayed, and messages can be specific with provider name, location of appointment, and pre-appointment instructions based on appointment type.
  • Transparent - We know you'll love our service - and we back up this confidence with no cancellation fees and free customer support.
  • Dependable - Talksoft calls are made on digital PRI lines in co-located facilities to ensure superior vocal clarity.
  • Secure - Messages are secure and HITECH and HIPAA guidelines are met.
  • Intelligent - Talksoft employs a proprietary multi-modal reminder algorithm to automate patient engagement. We send phone, text, email, and mobile app reminders in any order you choose. If a recipient actively responds to a reminder, all future reminders are suppressed.

Leaders in the Field

Talksoft has received numerous recognitions for delivering a quality appointment reminder and messaging service. Our top-notch solutions coupled with excellent customer support makes us a smart choice if you’re looking for a change from your current appointment reminder setup.


Talksoft was recently awarded Category Leader for Patient Outreach in the 2017 Best In KLAS: Software & Services report.

The KLAS Category Leader designation is a distinguished recognition of software and service vendors who make outstanding efforts to help healthcare professionals deliver better patient care. The KLAS report is based on data from over 16,000 interviews and covers a variety of healthcare market segments and industry categories. As the 2017 Category Leader, Talksoft achieved the highest score among KLAS-rated Patient outreach solutions.

Talksoft was also recognized as the highest rated solution† by KLAS Research in the May 2016 Performance Report, Patient Outreach 2016: Driving Outcomes - From No Shows to Better Health. In this report, Talksoft was rated the highest vendor for outreach services with a validated score of 96.2 and 100% of respondents for Talksoft using appointment reminders.

These results come from a sample of mostly ambulatory organizations. Talksoft supports many acute/non-ambulatory facilities whose responses were not fully collected at the time of the publishing of this report.

Multi-Modal Communication

Multi Modal Communication

Multi-modal communication means that Talksoft’s suite of services reaches each patient in the right way at the right time, whether by phone, text, email or Talksoft Connect, our free mobile app. Talksoft’s multi-modal platform streamlines the notification process by establishing a hierarchy of communication methods. Our service listens to your patients and reacts to their responses.

When an appointment is scheduled, patients can receive an app notification and add it to their personal calendar. Shortly before their appointment, patients will receive an email, text, or phone reminder with personalized instructions.

If the patient doesn’t confirm or reschedule the appointment, our service will continue to remind them via another mode. Talksoft customers see up to 80% response rates when they utilize all four communication methods.

The timing and order of these reminders is customizable to work for your patients and practice. The results are clearly displayed in your Talksoft account and in many cases right in your scheduling system.

My staff already makes reminder calls.

That's great! But do you know what their time costs you each day, each month, each year? Do they retry lines that are busy or when no one answers? Do they consistently make the calls each and every day? Talksoft attempts calls three times a day by default.

A personal message in your own voice left with each patient or client by RemindMe saves your staff the time and money it takes to make daily reminder calls.

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