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Appointment Reminders from Talksoft

Hospital appointment systems have to be intricately designed to best suit the different needs that an appointment system in hospitals, IPA's and group practices require. Talksoft's diverse communications services can be applied to just about any industry. Choose from our listed solutions.

Begin by piloting Talksoft's services in up to three practices for a trial period. Evaluate the before and after no-show rate, analyzing what you save during this time. This enables your network to have a sound basis for expanding the use of Talksoft to additional practices within your network.

Appointment Systems in Hospitals or Practices

Practices can be set up as sub-accounts, giving them control over their call settings. This allows practices to act autonomously within a network while meeting their specific patient needs.

Hospital Appointment Systems that Grow with You

Agreements can be structured so that the overall price level decreases as each new practice is added.

IPA's can realize savings with discounts for multiple member practices.

Take Talksoft with you on the road to securely manage your account using no more than a laptop and an Internet connection.

Reduced No-Shows with Talksoft Hospital Appointment Systems

See the impact of the reduced no-show rate by calculating your return on investment.

Get expert answers about how we can provide the exact communications solutions you want at the economical price you need. Call Talksoft today at (866) 966-4700 or email

Appointment Systems in Hospitals from Talksoft