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Talksoft CEO Delivers Message to NJ HIMSS on Patient Engagement Through Effective Communication

Talksoft CEO Delivers Message to NJ HIMSS on Patient Engagement Through Effective Communication

Atlantic City, NJ - Sep 26, 2013 -- Engaging Patients Through Effective Communication was the subject of a presentation by Talksoft CEO, Ken Walsh to members of the NJ HIMSS, New Jersey's chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, attended by office managers, medical professionals, and health care vendors.

Walsh expanded upon the current industry focus on patient engagement and effective communication with patients, which is a core competency of Talksoft Corporation. He noted that through all stages of patient and practice communication - scheduling, appointment reminders, check-in, bedside manner, and follow-up instructions - communication is key to a successful outcome.

"Good communication has a profound effect on people, patients, and doctors," says Walsh. "The art of communication needs to be personal."

A member of the National HIMSS Task Force, Walsh has first-hand knowledge of new and important tools available for communication between practices and patients. He suggests implementing technology in patient flow such as automating appointment reminders and recalls; using broadcast functionality to quickly reach large group of patients in emergencies; and setting up disease-state and outreach protocols to effectively engage patients.

"Discovering the patient's preferred mode of communication is an important piece of the puzzle," says Walsh. "If you simply call someone at their home and miss them, then that's it. If you text patients on their cells, or send them emails, they can see this at any point in time - after a meeting, at work, on lunch break - and they can respond immediately. This is one example of how communication is rapidly changing."

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