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Talksoft Collaborates with Rider University on "Data Gold Mine" Analysis

Hamilton, NJ - June 12, 2014 -- This spring, in collaboration with Rider University's Business school, Talksoft created a new internship position focusing on data analysis. Talksoft management worked closely with Dr. William Armadio, from Rider University's Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, to define the project. The project was completed through a senior thesis by Dana Hebeler, a student of Dr. Amadio's.

Talksoft Collaborates with Rider University

Through the process Talksoft and Hebler analyzed millions of records to gain refined insight on Talksoft's data and process. They followed six phases in the life cycle of a data mining project, which included business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, modeling, evaluation, and deployment.

Prompted by this collaboration, these types of analytics are now available to all Talksoft customers through their secure customer portal to indicate best practices in call times, modes of communication, response rates, and reminder outcomes. The results are available for each individual account as well as global statistics across all Talksoft customer accounts.

"This project has benefited Talksoft Corporation by providing answers to business questions which will help us create and strengthen sales and marketing messages as well as provide insight into where Talksoft should be building functionality," says Pat Perrino, VP of Business Development at Talksoft.

Hebler, leading up to her graduation, gained work life experience analyzing large amounts of real data allowing her to apply what is learned in the classroom to make a real impact for a local business. She presented her thesis, "Data Gold Mine, Harvesting company data to improve business offerings" to the Talksoft team at the conclusion of the semester.

Talksoft capitalized on this work by creating more analytics for its customers as can be seen here.

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