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Talksoft and CareCloud Team Up To Support Medical Practices

Hamilton, NJ – December 8, 2014 --- Talksoft Corporation, a leading reminder service company, is excited to share the completion of its integration with CareCloud an innovative leader in cloud-based practice management and EHR solutions. The partnership was forged to enable CareCloud users the opportunity to seamlessly use Talksoft's full portfolio of messaging services utilizing phone, text, email and app.

"Talksoft is excited to be working with CareCloud, a leader in their field. Our integrated technology makes appointment reminders easy to access and simple to use,” says Eric Pearlman, Director of Business Development at Talksoft.

“Integrating with Talksoft and simplifying appointment reminders allows CareCloud users even more options to engage their patients and ensure they receive the care they need in a timely manner,” says Juan Molina, Director of Business Development at CareCloud. “This results in fewer no-shows, better patient communication, and time for the office staff to focus on other important tasks.”

Talksoft’s services include phone, text, email and app notifications. This varied messaging approach allows patients to be contacted in the way they prefer. Additionally, Talksoft’s interactive system allows the patient to confirm the appointment or request reschedules via any mode of communication, including iOS and Android devices through the mobile app, Talksoft Connect.

Carecloud recently published an interview with Eric Pearlman, Talksoft’s Director of Business Development, with the advantages the new partnership offers modern, technology-friendly medical practices.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you see physicians facing today?

A: Physicians and healthcare providers certainly face an extraordinary number of challenges on a daily basis. Effectively engaging and communicating with patients in a meaningful way is a prime example.

“Patient Engagement” is an industry term that encompasses a number of different avenues of communications and education. And although technology can foster greater engagement, there is more to it. Finding the right balance between the use of technology and keeping a personal touch can be very challenging.

Q: How is Talksoft helping physicians solve some of these challenges?

A: Talksoft offers multi-modal communication choices that are interactive and flexible.  Said simply, practices can setup a messaging process where patients can receive notifications via phone, text, e-mail, or Talksoft’s mobile app.

Physicians can tailor messaging by patient demographics or patient preferences. The result is a much more personalized choice of communications.  For example, some patients prefer text messages or notifications through our mobile app while others prefer phone calls.  Strengths of Talksoft include our 14 years of experience delivering clear messages and the flexibility not to “over-communicate.”

Q: What benefits for physician practices do you anticipate from the partnership between Talksoft Corporation and CareCloud?

A: Talksoft’s automated and seamless integration with CareCloud takes the manual effort often associated with other messaging systems out of the practice’s hands.  This allows more time for the practice to work on patients’ needs and to reduce operating expenses.  Talksoft’s integration also ensures that we are sending out messages based on the most current and accurate appointment information.

Q: How does being a cloud-based solution provider allow you to respond to feedback and suggestions from physicians or their office staff about your services?

A: Every client is assured that they have the very latest version of the Talksoft service.  Telecommunications is a rapidly changing industry and it’s important that the messaging service you’re using is the best that it can be.  Talksoft proudly offers many proprietary, behind the scenes, technological features, such as those that enable a higher degree of vocal clarity than most competitors.  Being cloud-based with all customers on the same version and platform also enables customer support to quickly answer questions while on the phone.

Q: How do Talksoft appointment reminder systems help doctors meet Meaningful Use requirements?

A: Talksoft’s messaging services help practices qualify for Meaningful Use Incentives by contributing to the requirements of Stage 1 Menu Objective 4 and Stage 2 Core Objective 12.

All of Talksoft’s products can process “patient preference” information to send out reminders for preventative/follow-up care.  Patients can choose reminders by phone, text, and/or e-mail.  We can also process preferred phone number preference (mobile, home, etc.).

Practices can meet both Meaningful Use measures by simply turning on Talksoft’s RemindMe and Recall products.

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