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Talksoft Featured in Newly Announced ADP AdvancedMD Marketplace, Provides Innovative Solutions for Private Practices

Talksoft Featured in Newly Announced ADP AdvancedMD Marketplace, Provides Innovative Solutions for Private Practices

Hamilton, NJ - Apr 14, 2015 -- Talksoft Corporation today announced it has joined the ADP AdvancedMD Marketplace to provide practices with patient engagement services through integrated appointment reminders and messaging solutions.

Talksoft's services utilize a seamless combination of phone, text, email, and mobile app messaging to provide patients with important information about their upcoming appointments, past due balances, emergency weather closures, and more. Results from these communications are displayed directly in AdvancedMD, with no extra reports to run or upload.

Talksoft has an existing partnership with AdvancedMD, a leader in all-in-one cloud EHR and practice management. The newly announced Marketplace allows independent medical practices to access resources that work with AdvancedMD, including cloud apps and services such as Talksoft that build a better practice. Talksoft's services help practices engage patients, satisfy Meaningful Use requirements, and connect patients to the portal.

"We created the AdvancedMD Marketplace to provide our clients with the most comprehensive selection of leading tools and services, and the goal of an efficient workflow for their practice," said Shane Curtis, VP of Business Development. "Our objective has always been to make our technologies more flexible, more insightful and ultimately, more unified with the simplicity that practices need to manage a technology ecosystem with minimal IT knowledge or involvement."

"Integrating with Talksoft provides AdvancedMD users the best options to engage their patients and ensure they receive the care they need in a timely manner," says Eric Pearlman, Director of Business Development at Talksoft. "Talksoft services are proven to reduce no-shows, increase response rates and facilitate better patient communication."

Talksoft's services include phone, text, email, and app notifications. This varied messaging approach allows patients to be contacted in the way they prefer. Additionally, Talksoft's interactive system allows the patient to confirm the appointment or request reschedules via any mode of communication, including iOS and Android devices through the mobile app, Talksoft Connect. Click here to visit Talksoft on the AdvancedMD Marketplace.

About Talksoft

Founded in 1997, Talksoft is a provider of cloud-based reminder and messaging services over telephone and global data networks. Talksoft's service based approach provides affordable solutions for businesses of any size by harnessing technologies once available only to large companies in niche markets. Subscribers pay only a usage-based fee -- there are no long-term contract commitments, and no computer hardware purchases. For more information, call (855) TALKSOFT or visit

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