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Talksoft Announces availability of new service, Survey+

Hamilton, NJ - October 14, 2015 -- Talksoft Corporation announces today the newest addition to their suite of patient engagement services. Survey+, available now to select Talksoft customers, is a survey tool designed for medical offices to benchmark their patient experience and practice performance with mobile patient surveys that provide instantly actionable data.

“Survey+ completes the patient-to-practice communication loop that Talksoft services facilitate so well,” says Ken Walsh, Talksoft President & CEO. “The survey product fits perfectly with our current suite of patient engagement services, and Talksoft customers are already benefiting from the integration and functionality of Survey+.”

Survey+ helps medical practices benchmark physicians and locations side by side across the practice and also as compared to similar practices nationwide. This can be used to bring about positive change within your practice. Office management can easily log into a patient experience dashboard in real time or in emailed reports.

“This is a perfect time to launch patient surveys for your office,” says Pat Perrino, Chief Operating Officer at Talksoft. “Inviting your patients to rate their experience allows them to be heard and this is one of the key elements needed to improve patient satisfaction.”

Survey+ improves patient outcomes and mitigates risk by making it simple for providers to quickly identify areas where action needs to be taken and fix any issues in the practices before they results in lost patients.

Survey questions are designed by industry leaders and are speciality-specific, so individual practices do not have to come up with survey questions. Having the questions consistent for users of Survey+ allows your office to benchmark your results against other practices on the platform, as well as your other locations, specific physicians, and CG-CAHPS data.

“A drop in patient satisfaction of just five percent can cost a practice up to $150,000 in lost revenue,” says Walsh. “Survey+ is an affordable way to find and fix problem areas before they cost you.”

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