Broadcast allows you to quickly and easily contact individuals with important on-demand messages via phone, text, and/or email blast.

Talksoft Broadcast is an essential tool to communicate weather closures, last-minute cancellations, flu clinics, office moves, and other important announcements. We provide you the tools to schedule a broadcast call from anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Our easy-to-use wizard allows you to generate a Broadcast message in as little as five minutes.
  • Broadcast ties in with our RemindMe service, using previously loaded patient contact information to generate the Broadcast message.
  • Broadcast messages can be sent from anywhere that you have internet access, from home or even from your smartphone.
  • Current Talksoft Customers can add Broadcast at any time in their Customer Portal.

Key Features of Broadcast


There are 3 easy steps to broadcast your message. When you need it, set it up from anywhere at any time. Manage your recordings and settings online. Launch a Broadcast campaign 'on the fly' from a remote location


Customize the message to say what you need it to say - record your own messages in your own voice. Write your own text and email messages. You control the content.

No monthly fee required

Use it whenever you need it as often as you need it. Perfect for occasional use or for seasonal businesses.

How Does Broadcast Work?

A business or practice that has Broadcast enabled is able to contact people by phone, text, and/or email if it looks like you will have to close, or not have office hours. One example could be:

It is 6:30 AM and you have decided that you need to close for the day due to a snow storm. You need to contact an entire list of scheduled appointments before they try to travel to your office. You might not even have access to your office schedule since you are home and not in the office.

With Talksoft Broadcast, you can log into your account from anywhere using your home computer or smartphone to activate calls using our 3-step wizard:

  • Choose the people you need to contact (if you are already a RemindMe customer then you can select the patients directly from the RemindMe Activity Report).
  • Choose from a message that was previously recorded - or record one 'on the fly'. Type out your text and email messages.
  • Choose Outgoing Message
  • Schedule your Broadcast for your preferred date/time, including a “Send Now” option.

Click and it's done! Simple as 1-2-3.

Launch Broadcast from a remote location, like home, and save yourself the hassle of having to call a long list of patients to let them know that you are cancelling hours. Our phone, text, and email broadcast services extend your reach to patients to keep them informed.

Direct Integration with RemindMe appointment reminders

If you are a Talksoft RemindMe customer, we already have a consistently updated list of your scheduled patients. Our Broadcast tool allows you to access that list and select directly from the RemindMe Activity Report the patients who need to be contacted by Broadcast.

How can Broadcast help YOU?

Here are some ways that Broadcast can benefit your office:

  • Inform patients or customers that your office is closed due to the weather.
  • Use it to contact patients when a doctor needs to cancel office hours for a day.
  • Notify patients or clients of an event or a new procedure being offered.
  • Let clients know that you are relocating, or are opening a new office.i>
  • Send periodic service reminders to a large number of clients where specific tasks are needed or if maintenance is due.
  • Announce special deals being offered by your business.
Winter Weather Closure Announcements

Winter Weather Closure Announcements

Our most common use for Talksoft Broadcast service is to notify patients of snow or other weather-related closures. When the snow piles up, roads are closed, and power outages occur, Talksoft gives you a reliable way to access your patient list and quickly notify patients that the office is closed - without having to go into the office.

This tool keeps the office staff and patients safe and sound at home when stormy weather comes your way.

Call Talksoft today at (866) 966-4700 or email to find out more about how our customized phone, text, and email broadcast messages can improve your business results.

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