Bring patients back when it's time to schedule an appointment with Talksoft Recall.

Recall brings patients back. Any list of names and numbers can be called, and in most cases this process can be automated - leaving you free to focus on your practice.

How does Recall Work?

  • Communicate via phone, text, email and mobile app that it's time to schedule a an appointment.
  • Customize the message based on the type of appointment that is overdue.
  • Reach out to no-shows, and fill in open appointment slots by proactively contacting patients.

Key features of Recall:

The possibilities are limitless: any situation where you regularly send out postcards or letters is a good opportunity to use Recall.

Rather spending money on stamps, envelopes, and letters, and employee time to prepare and mail these, use Recall for less than half the cost of the postage stamp alone!

You have the ability to send these calls at regular, predetermined intervals or the system can be set up to launch calls whenever you need them.

You can customize the message to meet your needs, and this can be done at any time. Messages can be in your own voice. For example, a personal message from a healthcare professional explaining why it is important to be seen at least once a year can bring patients in. A message recorded by a well-known business owner will instantly be heard and acted on by customers.

The Caller ID of your business or practice displays on customer's or patient's phones when calls are received, greatly reducing the number of ignored calls.

Many software scheduling systems already have a way of generating lists of patients or customers to call. Recall integrates with these internal recall functions in a seamless way.

In many cases, Recall can be setup in less than an hour.

How can Recall help YOU?

Here are some ways that Recall can benefit your business or group:

  • Medical practices who have patients not seen in a year but need to make preventative appointments.
  • Dentists who notice a drop in patient visits and want to call patients not seen in 12 months.
  • Pediatric offices who need to remind parents of their child’s well checks.
  • Diabetic patients who need to be reminded of their foot checks.
  • Proactive reminders during Flu season to encourage patients to receive their flu shot.

Our Recall service keeps your customer or patient contacts on schedule and up-to-date. Contact Talksoft today at (866) 966-4700 or to find out more about how our Recall telephone contact services can help grow your business or practice.

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