Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare organizations are looking for faster, more efficient ways to collect patient payments. Patients want faster, more convenient payment options and a more personalized healthcare experience.

Talksoft's parent company, RevSpring, applies an Active Patient Engagement™ strategy that allows healthcare organizations to engage patients faster and more effectively across all channels – print, mail, IVR, text, web and mobile app. By utilizing predictive analytics and automated workflows, RevSpring helps clients segment patient populations and identify the ideal combination of communication strategies and the best method of delivery to yield the greatest return, while maximizing efficiency and patient self-service through the emerge™ payment platform.

Talksoft provides the underlying multimodal functionality in several modes of communication (phone, text, email, app) for the response-driven communication platform of emerge™. For example, Talksoft's text-to-pay solution enables patients to pay on the spot, quickly and securely. Talksoft's BillReminder ties into your systems Accounts Receivable module to electronically and automatically notify patients of their open balances.

Look to Talksoft's BillReminder service and RevSpring's emerge platform to streamline your Revenue Cycle Management.