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Patient Reminder Systems from Talksoft – Phone, Email, Mobile App & Text Message Reminders

Talksoft has been providing appointment and patient reminder systems since being founded in 1997. Beginning with phone appointment reminders, Talksoft then launched its interactive, multimodal phone, text, and email service in 2009 and added its mobile app in 2012 - both first in the industry. In 2014, Talksoft launched its branded mobile app, once again demonstrating the company's ability to innovate ahead of market trends.

In July 2014, Talksoft was acquired by RevSpring, Inc., a leading communications and payment technology solutions provider.

The company is located in Hamilton, New Jersey, in a recently renovated factory building that has been featured in the media.


Talksoft was founded on the premise that a company can be the most advanced in its industry while still doing business the old-fashioned way where one's word is everything and where customer service comes first and foremost.

Our key features include:

  • Phone, Text, Email, and Free Mobile App messages that work together.
  • Seven services that complete the patient engagement cycle.
  • Over 14 years of experience and continually evolving technology.
  • The first appointment reminder app on the market, Talksoft Connect.
  • A dedication to quality service, exceptional support, and continual R&D.
  • Our testimonials speak for themselves.

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