Welcome Back, Customers

A Q&A with Our Customers Who Returned to Talksoft after Trying a Different Vendor

Welcome Back, Customers!


“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

       – Howard Schultz

When great relationships end, it hurts - even in business/customer relationships. To Ken Walsh, VP of eCommunications & Ambulatory Market Sales at Talksoft, a RevSpring Company, losing a client feels the same as disconnecting with any other kind of person in his life. “I remember the first time a Talksoft customer wanted to leave us to go to a competitor,” he recalls. “Someone else lured them away with promises that they could also meet the patient’s needs in a way that enticed them. It felt a bit like a teenage heartbreak.”

It happens occasionally -- an office is acquired by a larger organization or their new EHR has a built-in appointment reminder feature. The reasons vary, but attrition happens, even within Talksoft’s loyal and happy customer base.

But, we’ve also noticed a surprising trend: over and over again our customers come back. When our team receives an email or phone call that “other reminder solution they tried” didn’t work out, it is music to our ears. We sincerely enjoy saying, Welcome Back, Customer!

The causes for deactivated service vary, but the reason for return is often the same - the Talksoft platform has superior functionality and quality, the customer service is personal and helpful, and our pricing is fair and competitive.

“We believe in what we do and we’ll always welcome anyone back with open arms. You never forget the nature of a great relationship and our doors are always open to our valued customers past and present,” says Walsh.

We keep all accounts in our database, so if a reactivation is needed, the process is quick and simple. And, though John Travolta was unavailable for a quote, some our valued and ‘welcomed back' customers were.

      Catherine Brittell, Practice Manager at Northern Virginia Physicians to Women, Ltd. www.nvpwomen.com

What prompted your decision to try a different vendor?

While we were happy with Talksoft, our EMR vendor had acquired a program from one of their partnering companies with the promise of a more integrative service, encompassing appointment, prescription and billing reminders, in addition to patient recalls.

What were the factors which led you to return to Talksoft?

Unfortunately, the SMS reminder system had significant flaws which were identified but never resolved. Poor communication from the vendor was a serious issue as well.

What would you say to other offices considering a switch in appointment reminder services?

We have used several companies and ultimately returned to Talksoft due to EMR compatibility, ease of use, and commitment to effective and timely customer service. I would point out that the (re)implementation process with Talksoft was seamless and managed within a timeframe that exceeded my expectations. Every employee we have worked with is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.

      Beth Kelly, Office Manager at Dr. Alan B. Schorr, DO FAAIM FACE, www.sugardoc.com

What were the factors which led you to return to Talksoft?

We only left Talksoft because we are a unique office and only accept Medicare. Other patients have to pay out of pocket. We prefer to physically call them to let them know what is due. Recently, members of our office staff have been texted or emailed appointment reminders for their own doctors appointments and ​the staff like that functionality. When we found out Talksoft has this capability and that the appointment statuses go directly into our appointment schedule, that made the decision to return to Talksoft even more appealing. So, now we still call the patients that need to be called, but with the texting and emailing reminders, it cuts down on those calls.

What would you say to other offices considering a switch in appointment reminder services?

Since starting texting and emailing appt reminders, our no shows have decreased and our patients seem to like the ease of confirming or rescheduling. It has cut down on our staff having to make physical calls and their time is put to better use.

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